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The population of Zambia is ever growing, and the number is constantly being updated.

On this page you will find an active counter showing the currently accepted population count, and links to relevant information about the subject.

The population of Zambia surpassed 18 million people in 2020.

Zambia Population – updated

This counter shows the currently accepted UN population count of Zambia.


Zambia (2020)

The general population growth of Zambia

The population count of Zambia is around, 2-3%, shown in this graph

Population growth for Zambia. Source: World Bank

Population counts for Zambia – links

Some of the most reliable sources for population count in Zambia are the following:

How are populations counted?

It’s important to count the population of a country so that the society can provide good levels of service for schools, healthcare, transportation and more. Typically, the population count is determined by municipality or country region, then comprised. This is called a census.

But a census can be quite costly, and a growing number of people are reluctant to participate in manual counting in modern days. In order address these problems, most industrialized countries have developed several new and less expensive methods based on existing data obtained from different surveys and population registers. 

Methods to count populations for a country vary, but counting will almost always involve some level of estimation or calculation. Very few countries have a complete register of every person living in the nation.

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