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Uganda is the most bio-diverse country in the Africa lies within the continent’s highest mountain range which is rich in history and full of large natural beauty from border to border. However, due to the country’s past political situation and security issues, it often doesn’t make it to the bucket list of travelers but that doesn’t mean there is not plenty to discover about this African country.

Uganda is gifted with a magnificent topography manifested in picturesque mountains, and beautiful landscapes around the country. From taking a dip in lakes formed by volcanic carter to snowcapped mountains with hike trails, Uganda offers so many things to do and explore that it is really hard to decide what to do first. 



Uganda is a landlocked country located in the east-central part of Africa. It shares borders with Kenya in east, Sudan to the North, Democratic Republic of Congo in west, and with Tanzania and Rwanda in South. The country has an extremely diverse geography comprised of volcanic hills, lakes, and mountains. Uganda has equatorial climate and sun blazes all year round. The weather is quite unpredictable as it can pour and shine within 10 minutes. 


The current population of Uganda is 46 million and it ranked 31st among the most populous countries. Christian makes up 85.2% while Muslims make up 12% of the entire population. The two main ethnic groups are Bantu and Nilotic people. The average life expectancy in Uganda is 52.7 years. 


Uganda is the best place to enjoy cultural diversity as it has several ethnic groups, each with its own language, unique customs, and traditions. You’ll see the regional variation in terms of clothing, etiquettes, physical gestures, and mannerisms especially in rural vs urban areas. Men usually wear a Kanzu, which is a white or cream-colored robe that touches the ground. Traditional dress of women includes long loose skirts with matching cloth across the shoulder and long flowing dresses called busuti. Handshake with a smile is normal greeting In Uganda.


Uganda is a presidential republic with a multiparty system. The Executive power is given to the government whereas Legislative power is exercised by the both government and National 

Assembly. There is a democratic parliamentary system which gives equal rights to all citizens. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the president of Uganda since 1986 and Ruhakana Rugunda is the serving prime minister since 2014.


There are over 50 languages spoken in Uganda. Swahili and English are the official languages of the country. English is used by the state for formal communication, missionary work, and education. The other prominent tribal languages spoken in the country include Luganda, Niger-Congo, and Ganda. There is also Ugandan English which is highly influenced by the native languages of Uganda.  


Uganda is a cash-based society and Ugandan Shilling is the official currency of the country with no subdivision. The banknotes have the denominations of 50,000 shillings, 20,000 shillings, 10,000 shillings, 5,000 shillings, 2000 shillings, and 1,000 shillings. The current Uganda cons have the following denominations: 50, 100, 200, and 500. 

Uganda Shilling

Food Scene

Ugandan cuisine is as unique as its culture as every ethnic group and tribe has its own staple which brings a lot to the table. The food is highly influenced by English, Arab and Asian flavors and has adopted something from different cuisines. A major part of Ugandan cuisine consists of meat-based stews and sauce dishes accompanied with ugali, a dough paste made of maize or banana. Vegetables, beans, and groundnuts are also a major part of the Ugandans everyday meals. The most popular local Ugandan foods that you should be looking for are Luwombo, Katogo, Muchomo, Matoke, Kikalayi, Posho, Rolex, and Binyebwa. 


Uganda is the perfect destination in the whole of Africa to experience the most exotic and rare wildlife. The tropical rainforests have an abundance of wild chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, and black and white colobus chimps. Besides, there are many varieties of other wildlife to discover in Uganda. Water buffalo, elephants, tree-climbing lions and antelopes are a few to name.


Uganda is one of the most welcoming and tourist-friendly counties in Africa. Ugandans are considered the friendliest people in the region known to go out of their way to help tourists and make them feel welcomed. The cultural diversity of the country offers curious travelers an authentic and enjoyable experience they can’t have anywhere else. Uganda is the best destination for people who are seeking high life at a low budget, due to its affordability. With an abundance of natural beauty and snowcapped mountains, it is one of the best hikes in the world. Jinja is known as East Africa’s adrenaline capital which is the best destination for those looking to have some rafting and Kayaking adventure. For bird lovers, Lake Bunyonyi is a must-visit place to enjoy the most spectacular and exotic bird species. 

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