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Online discussion forums is a great way to stay updated about a wide variety of topics and learning about local events, post requests, get answers and stay connected with your community. The abundance of updated posts in forums makes it a local, virtual village allowing you to interact with the other people from the comfort of your laptop computer or mobile phone.

About Nairaland Nigeria

The popular Nigerian site Nairaland is an online discussion board/forum that aims to be the largest and most informative discussion forum for all people of Nigeria. It is a Nigerian English-language internet forum and social networking website which was founded by Seun Osewa in 2005.

As of 2021, the site has 2,5 million members and more than 6 mio discussion topics across categories such as politics, crime, romance, jobs, investment, health, family, culture, food and more.

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Notable features of Nairaland Nigeria are:

  • High abundance of active, recent updates
  • Wide and broad variety of topics
  • More than 2 mio members
  • Simple user interface without too many fancy bells and whistles. Also looks slightly outdated.
  • Not too many annoying ads
  • Used by most Nigerians – one of the most popular sites in Nigeria.
  • Also includes a very informative news feed

A login is needed on most internet discussion boards and forum. This allows you to post but also to receive messages from other users. A profile is created by signing up with your e-mail address, a few details like your name, and thus creating a forum profile. Most posted topics are public, allowing you to read discussion threads and learn even when you are not logged in.

The most popular discussion topics in internet forums are politics, romance, jobs & vacancies, investment, education, cars, health, travel, culture, religion and food. Entertainment topics like sports, fashion, gaming, music, TV and celebrities are also trending. Last but not least you will find topics in science and technology such as programming, computers, arts, graphics and computers.

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