How to become a pilot in Nigeria

In today´s day and age, there are a lot of young adults with a dream of becoming a professional pilot. If you are amongst those who would like to become a pilot in Nigeria, keep on reading.

In this article we will give you information on different ways to achieve being a pilot in Nigeria. 

Air Force – Army

The Nigerian Air force employs Dornier Alpha Jets, among others. (Source: Youtube)

Get your flight training sponsored by joining the Military (Nigerian Air Force) you will have to stay with the Military for around 12 years after completing your training.

To be a pilot in the Military, you have to graduate from the Defense Academy first and then join Nigerian Air force training. 

However in the past, there have been cases of people who have directly joined the Air Force without needing to go through the Nigerian Defense Academy.

Is not easy to get into the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). However, if admitted it’s one of the cheapest way to become a pilot in Nigeria.

For more details please look at the following video on YouTube posted by the Nigerian Air Force:  

Civilian Pilot

Civilian aircraft cockpit

If your wish is to directly work in the private sector, you can choose any aviation school and successfully graduate to choose your dream job as a pilot. 

There are 39 aviation schools across the country. The school you wish to join should be FAA  (Federal Aviation Association) approved. 

  • Flight School: Get your flight training with any of the 39 Flight School in Nigeria. The top five accredited aviation schools in Nigeria are: Nigeria College of Aviation Technology, International Aviation College, Landover Aviation Business School, Universal School Of Aviation and Dhaewood Aviation Business School. Aviation related College Degree Program: This allows you to combine a college degree with flight training.
  • Airline Cadet Pilot Program: These are flight training programs which include guaranteed employment with the airline upon successful graduation (there even are some programs completely sponsored by the airlines).

Besides studying to be a pilot you need to have certain certifications that makes it legal for you to fly. There are 3 different licenses that you will get in the process of becoming a pilot.

  • Student Pilot License (SPL): Allows you to start your flight training.
  • Private Pilot License (PPL): This license will allow you to fly solo or fly passengers or cargo but without receiving any money for it.
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL): License will allow you to earn a salary from flying being paid as a professional pilot.

Before officially being called a pilot, as well as having the appropiate license you would have to had studied for approximately 4 years, have earned 40 to 4000 flying hours and have a medical certificate. Big companies have a preference for pilots who have a diploma and have earned at least 4000 flying hours.

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