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About “Kenyans” News source in Kenya

A popular source for news in Kenya is the site Kenyans @ kenyans.co.ke. It is an online publication with popular news, facts and feel-good stories. It is owned by Boxraft Limited and is located in Nairobi, Kenya. A popular feature is the list of Kenyan Politicians as well as the Facts section that provides many guide to daily Kenyan life.

Kenyans is currently ranking as the 4th overall most visited site in Kenya (Alexa ranking 2021).

Visit Kenyans @ kenyans.co.ke

What we like about Kenyans:

  • Good social media presence
  • Facts section with guide to daily life
  • Feel-good stories section
  • Politicians section
  • Updated news

Other popular news sites in Kenya

National Kenya news:

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