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Find newly posted jobs, vacancies and services for hire locally. Most sites allow you to post a profile and get e-mail notifications about new jobs that apply to you.

The number of kenyans who surf the internet with an aim to find jobs is high. The top jobs in Nairobi are: Paid Internship, Office assistant, Data entry, Event planning, Finance, Accountant, Sales and Hospitality. The best and biggest job sites in Kenya are:

On most job sites you will find jobs and vacancies in management, production, maintenance, quality, service, R&D, project management, IT, new technologies, Health and social professions, transport, logistics and HR, but also postings in training, accounting, controlling, finance, marketing and communication. It is possible to filter by industry like production, manufacturing, software & IT, education, temporary work, agriculture, mining, engineering, health, pharmacy and hospitals.

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