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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and largest settlement, is at the southern foot of Mount Entoto.

This sprawling capital, which in Amharic means “fresh flower,” serves as the country’s commercial and cultural center.

At 2355 meters, Addis Ababa, or simply Addis, is the world’s third-highest capital city, and it has won the heart of locals and non-locals since Ethiopian Emperor Menelik discovered it in 1886.

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Addis Ababa News

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National news sites in Ethiopia (english):

Jobs in Addis Ababa

Find newly posted jobs, vacancies and services for hire locally. Most sites allow you to post a profile and get e-mail notifications about new jobs that apply to you.

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  1. Jobweb Ethiopia – 4,000 vacancies ⭐ Most popular
  2. Ethiojobs – 565 vacancies
  3. LinkedIn Jobs in Ethiopia – 400 vacancies
  4. Et Careers – 300 vacancies
  6. Employ Ethiopia – 66 vacancies
  7. Exega Jobs
  8. Geezjobs
  9. Addisjobs
  10. Ethiopia Work

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Weather in Addis Ababa

Here you will find updated and accurate local forecasts for the city. Please check the hourly forecast as well as the daily forecasts. We also recommend a good mobile weather app like Weather Channel, AccuWeather or Radarscope to keep you constantly updated.

Addis Ababa
Partly Cloudy
06:1418:21 EAT
Feels like: 16°C
Wind: 0km/h N
Humidity: 75%
Pressure: 1026.08mbar
UV index: 0

Ethiopia is a diverse country in terms of ecology, so it experiences several climate zones ranging from tropical savanna in the west to warm desert climate in the east. Good national weather links are:

Weather forecasting and weather radars are the most typical ways of staying updated. Weather is typically indicated with sunny, cloudiness, rains and showers, storms and more. Most online weather apps will list the local location, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, humidty and pressure. Some might even include a UV index and what the weather “feels like” (like the chill factor). Forecasts typically look at Highs and Lows during the 24 hour day, wind, precipitation and precipitation chance.

More about Addis Ababa

At 2355 meters above sea level, Addis Ababa sits strategically in the middle of Ethiopia, allowing it to oversee vast swaths of the region. The city is situated a few miles west of the East African Rift, which divides Ethiopia into two plates: Nubian and Somali.


Addis Ababa had a population of over two million people according to the Ethiopian National Statistics Authority’s population census in 2007.


The African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, both in Africa hall, are two international organizations with headquarters in the region. 

Textiles, shoes, food and beverages, plastics, and chemical products are all manufactured in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa houses most of Ethiopia’s banking and insurance services.

On its way to or from the ports of Djibouti on the Gulf of Aden or Eritrea on the Red Sea, Ethiopia’s export and import traffic passes through Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is also the country’s internal trade collection and distribution center. 

The Mercato, in the city’s western suburbs, is one of Africa’s largest air markets. Piazza on Bole Road in the south-east is more European-style shopping centers. Addis Ababa is a diplomatic center with a sizable ex-pat population working for international organizations.


Over the last decade, tourism has increased by 10%, and in 2015 the European Council on Tourism and Trade ranked Ethiopia as the world’s top tourist destination. 

Among the popular attraction, sites are  Addis Mercato, Mount Entoto, National Museum of Ethiopia, Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Unity Park, Menagesha Suba Forest Park among others. 


Most worshippers are Christians, and churches and temples are among the places of worship. There are also mosques for Muslims.

One of the most important Ethiopian Orthodox festivals of the year takes place in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa. Meskel religious festival takes place every year on September 26th, a significant date in the Christian calendar. Thousands of believers converge on the Square dressed in colorful robes to commemorate the discovery of the true Cross during the Meskel festival, also known as Demera.


Ethiopia’s educational and administrative center is Addis Ababa. Ethiopian education comprises eight years of elementary school divided into two four-year periods and four years of secondary school divided into two two-year levels.

It provides free primary education in public schools and fee-based education in private schools. The core curriculum is standard all over the country. In Addis Ababa, there is Addis Ababa University and several teacher training colleges and technical schools.


Addis Ababa is the transportation center of the country, with road, air, and rail as modes of transportation. 

Public transportation comprises 12-seater buses and minibusses. The Addis Ababa ring road, which began construction in 1998 to enforce the city master plan and improve peripheral growth, has helped to ease traffic in the city. 

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, where a new terminal opened in 2003 serves Addis. Addis Ababa has abandoned a railway link to Djibouti City, and in September 2016, the new Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway began operation, running parallel to the original railway line’s route. 

Since its discovery in 1886, this exciting, vibrant city continues to command as much attention.

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