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Egypt is one of the most ancient and fascinating civilizations in the world which is known for its remarkable architecture, famous monuments, and surreal waters. Home to the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt has plenty of archeological ruins and historic treasures dating back thousands of years which makes it a bucket list topper. From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the longest river in the world, the Nile River, Egypt seizes the attention of archeologists and tourists from all around the globe. With huge desserts, spacious beaches, and a dazzling collection of tombs and temples, it offers something for everyone. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Egypt from all around the globe to witness its combining culture, adventure, and ancient civilization.

Let’s take a look at what’s more this beautiful country has to offer. 


Egypt is a combination of two continents that links Africa and Asia through the Sinai Peninsula. It is the 31st largest in the world with an area of 1,002,450 km2. It shares borders with Libya to the west,

 Israel to the east, Gaza Strip to the northeast, and Sudan to the South. It has coastlines on the River Nile, Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.


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Ancient Egyptian culture has thousands of years of recorded history. it has sustained an amazingly exclusive, complex, and stable culture that even influenced the culture that came afterward e.g., Europe and the Middle East. Modern Egypt has evolved greatly under the influence of Arab migrants but some of the ancient customs and traditions remain evident. Egyptian people are generally very polite, helpful, and well-mannered so won’t have any trouble asking for help, directions, or recommendations. Women in Egypt are very modest and conservative, often wear a head scarf and cover arms and legs following the principles of Islam. Egypt has a strong family system and everyone is expected to be faithful to their family members. 


Islam is the official religion of Egypt with around 90% of the population are Sunni Muslims. Other population comprises of 8% Coptic Christians and 2% are Jewish and other Christian denominations. 

Islamic values are fundamental in all life aspects for all citizens including Christians. All businesses are closed on Friday, the Muslim holiday. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, and nobody is allowed to eat, drink or chew in the public space. 

Food Scene

Traditional Egyptian cuisine is quite similar to the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Commonly used ingredients are meat, legumes, vegetables, dates, almonds, and honey. Famous dishes are “Ful Medames”, mashed fava beans, Molokhiya, Kushari, Baklava, Feteer Meshaltet, and bush okra stew. “Esh Baladi”, kind of pita bread is a staple food. Offal is famous street food in Egypt whereas a delicacy is known as ‘Foie Gras’ is also worth trying. Tea is the national drink whereas beer is the most popular alcoholic drink among locals.


Arabic is the official language of Egypt which is used by the government meanwhile Masri, which is the Egyptian Arabic dialect is most widely spoken and understood by people. 


The Egyptian pound is the currency of Egypt. It is represented by the sign andabbreviated as LE Or L.E. It is divided into 100 piastres or 1,000 millimeters. The Egyptian is originally derived from the Guinea coin. The notes come in the denominations of 50 piastres, £1,£5, £10, £50, and £100. 

Egyptian pound


Cairo is the capital of Egypt and gateway to the Great Pyramid of Giza. If you stay in Cairo, you can easily take day trips to many famous sites, and d shopping from Khan el Khalili Bazar. 



Egypt has a vast variety of animal species and desert wildlife. Fauna of South Sinai, Mediterranean coast, and Gavel Elba are three places richest in biodiversity. The most prevalent desert wildlife indigenous to Egypt includes Egyptian wild cats, Gazelles, Jackals, Nubian Ibex, desert foxes, and Jerboas. 


The political system of Egypt is based on republicanism and has a semi-presidential system of government. The president is elected for a six-year term and has the legislative power to dissolve the parliament. Current president of Egypt is Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi since 2014. Mostafa Madbouly is current prime minister of the state serving since 2018. 


Egypt is considered one of the most tourist-friendly country due to us great hospitality and travels friendly environment. It is a perfect place to experience a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. You can explore the remnants of all the famous ancient civilizations including Pharaohs, Persians, Greeks, Nubians, Arabs, Romans and Ottomans, and many others. It boasts one of the seven wonders of the world, ‘The Great Pyramid of Giza’, and the famous pre-dynastic civilization of the Nile valley also has its roots in Egypt.

Other famous stopovers in Egypt include the Lurex Temple, The Great Sphinx of Giza, Siwa Oasis, and the Egyptian Museum. Other than monuments, Egypt offers a wide range of activities including camel trips into the mountains of Sinai, Scuba diving along the Red Sea, tours to the remote oasis, and explore the Nile River by cruise ship. Egypt also has live entertainment venues like National Puppet Theatre, Cairo Opera House, National Symphony, and Pocket Theatre. 

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