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The name Cairo is Derived from Arbic “Al-Qāhirah” which is the translation rendering “The Victorious.” Cairo is the city Capital of Egypt and stands to be one of the largest cities in Africa. Cairo holds the history of over 1000 years sitting on the same site on the bank of Nile.

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Recommendable Cairo news in Arabic are:

National news sites in Egypt (english):

Jobs in Cairo

Find newly posted jobs, vacancies and services for hire locally. Most sites allow you to post a profile and get e-mail notifications about new jobs that apply to you.

The best links for jobs in Egypt nationally are:

  2. Jobzella Egypt
  3. Wuzzuf
  4. Gulf Talent Egypt
  5. Akhataboot
  6. Jobs Arabic Egypt (in arabic)
  7. Tanqeeb (in arabic)

On the best and most popular job sites you will find vacancies in all categories of employment: Management, production, maintenance, quality, service, project management, IT, Health and social professions, transport, logistics and HR, but also postings in training, accounting, controlling, finance, marketing and communication. You can filter vacancies by industry such as production, manufacturing, software & IT, education, temporary work, agriculture, mining, engineering, health, pharmacy and hospitals.

Also check out the most popular classifieds sites. Classifieds sites almost always have a jobs & vacancies section, and a place to post your own resume.

For sale in Cairo

On classifieds sites, you will find almost anything for sale – and you can post your own item to learn an extra income. Search and filter by categories or by location. Find the best deals in your city as well as nation-wide.

In general, the best Egyptian classifieds and listing sites are:

On most classifieds and sales listings sites you will find items for sale in many categories. Most typical are Mobile Phones & Tablets, Electronics, Vehicles, Cars & Trucks, Real Estate, Fashion & Clothes, Jobs & Trainings, Business & Services and Beauty & well being. You will also find available job listings and seeking job / CVs, service ads, repair and construction and commercial equipment and tools.

Weather in Cairo

Here you will find updated and accurate local forecasts for the city. Please check the hourly forecast as well as the daily forecasts. We also recommend a good mobile weather app like Weather Channel, AccuWeather or Radarscope to keep you constantly updated.

6:43 am6:51 pm EEST
Feels like: 28°C
Wind: 14km/h NE
Humidity: 66%
Pressure: 1014.22mbar
UV index: 0

Although different regions experience different weather patterns, Egypt has an arid desert climate and is generally both hot and sunny. Good national weather links are:

Weather forecasting and weather radars are the most typical ways of staying updated. Weather is typically indicated with sunny, cloudiness, rains and showers, storms and more. Most online weather apps will list the local location, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, humidty and pressure. Some might even include a UV index and what the weather “feels like” (like the chill factor). Forecasts typically look at Highs and Lows during the 24 hour day, wind, precipitation and precipitation chance.

About Cairo

cairo egypt

The name Cairo is Derived from Arbic “Al-Qāhirah” which is the translation rendering “The Victorious.” Cairo is the city Capital of Egypt and stands to be one of the largest cities in Africa. Cairo holds the history of over 1000 years sitting on the same site on the bank of Nile.

Heritage Site

Within the city is found two region that are highly densely populated (Medieval city and Saladin’s citadel) and one which is upgraded in terms of infrastructure with more modern, high-rise residential and commercial building which has immerged with the passing of time, modern hotels and banks. Building styles in Cairo are related and still shows the historical period, mostly built of fired bricks covered with plaster and sometimes shored with half timbering. 

Beautiful and different types of buildings standing. Ranging from ancient structure such as massive and mysterious, the great Pyramids of Giza which is the greatest attraction of travellers and adventurers Cairo museum, heritage sites, Saqqara tombs, valley of kings beautiful and modern malls and hangouts places, parks, to modern and state of art structures.


Cairo holds a long cultural capital and Middle East also the region’s chief mass media centre for many centuries and the region’s major religious and cultural institutions. Among many cultural sites, Cairo is known for its music and dramatically talents and as the site for a renaissance in the Arabs theatre. Cairen and Egyptian heritage are represented in the rise the city’s rich series of museums.


Cairo’s population is both ethnically and religiously diverse and mostly predominantly Muslim and a significant number of Christian majority of whom observe the Coptic orthodox faith, and they also dominated certain districts in the city. However, differences of status within the Egyptian population largely depends on one’s place, class and degree of modernity.  Approximately half of the Cairo’s population live in the city proper, while almost half live in suburb.


Cairo experiences two seasons. Summer lasts about 8 months and winter approximately 4 months. June, July and august are rated to be the hottest with average temperature. Summer temperature go as high as 117 °F (47 °C). During winter strong tropical cancer sun makes warm during the day time, Night are mostly cool and humid.  


Cairo’s economy from inception has been based on commercial, trades, industrial productions and government functions. Through the years now the modern productive sector has been expended and developed drastically immensely and large scale industrialization immersed i.e. textiles, long staple cotton for which Egypt is famous and also food processing, as well as processing of sugarcanes grown. There is also huge presence of manufacturing factories for steel, consumer goods and appliances.  


Transportation network in Cairo and Egypt as a whole connects most of the countries urban and centres with the capital. The transportation consists of formal and informal sector, both licensed cabs operates in the city and transportation services such as minibuses taxis, inclusive of the Cairo metro subways system since 1987 which has significantly expanded. On the other hand, traffic congestion is a serious problem just like any other large cities in Africa particularly as both imports and local assemblies have access to automobiles. However, the Egyptian authorities has built substantial number of bypass highways to lessen congestion. 


Health and medical care facilities have heavy presence in Cairo. Both public and private hospitals have largely grows and sprung up since 1980’s. However, most of Cairo urban poor continue to have limited access to public health care services. 


Cairo is the centre of education and a major centre of higher education i.e. University and colleges. Primary and secondary education in Cairo is compulsory. The city’s education facilities is inclusive of technical institutes, foreign institutes, universities and colleges.


The history of the city holds sporting activities as one of the most important part of the Egyptian history and social life. Popular spots is inclusive of football, martial arts, golf, soccer, badminton, beach handball and a host of other sporting activities.

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