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Alexandria is one of the major city and urban governorate in Egypt. Alexandria is Arabic called “Al-Isakandriyyah” a city once among the Mediterranean world and city centre of Hellenic science. It was a capital of Egypt from its founding leader Alexandria the great in 332 BCE. Alexandria is one of the largest cities and is also principal seaport and major industrial centre. The city lies on the Mediterranean Sea at the western edge of Nile River delta.

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Jobs in Alexandria

Find newly posted jobs, vacancies and services for hire locally. Most sites allow you to post a profile and get e-mail notifications about new jobs that apply to you.

The best links for jobs in Egypt nationally are:

  2. Jobzella Egypt
  3. Wuzzuf
  4. Gulf Talent Egypt
  5. Akhataboot
  6. Jobs Arabic Egypt (in arabic)
  7. Tanqeeb (in arabic)

On the best and most popular job sites you will find vacancies in all categories of employment: Management, production, maintenance, quality, service, project management, IT, Health and social professions, transport, logistics and HR, but also postings in training, accounting, controlling, finance, marketing and communication. You can filter vacancies by industry such as production, manufacturing, software & IT, education, temporary work, agriculture, mining, engineering, health, pharmacy and hospitals.

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On most classifieds and sales listings sites you will find items for sale in many categories. Most typical are Mobile Phones & Tablets, Electronics, Vehicles, Cars & Trucks, Real Estate, Fashion & Clothes, Jobs & Trainings, Business & Services and Beauty & well being. You will also find available job listings and seeking job / CVs, service ads, repair and construction and commercial equipment and tools.

Weather in Alexandria

Here you will find updated and accurate local forecasts for the city. Please check the hourly forecast as well as the daily forecasts. We also recommend a good mobile weather app like Weather Channel, AccuWeather or Radarscope to keep you constantly updated.

6:48 am6:56 pm EEST
Feels like: 24°C
Wind: 8km/h N
Humidity: 77%
Pressure: 1013.55mbar
UV index: 0

Although different regions experience different weather patterns, Egypt has an arid desert climate and is generally both hot and sunny. Good national weather links are:

Weather forecasting and weather radars are the most typical ways of staying updated. Weather is typically indicated with sunny, cloudiness, rains and showers, storms and more. Most online weather apps will list the local location, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, humidty and pressure. Some might even include a UV index and what the weather “feels like” (like the chill factor). Forecasts typically look at Highs and Lows during the 24 hour day, wind, precipitation and precipitation chance.

About Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt

The city occupies and holds a significant place by virtue of its association with Alexandria and Cleopatra. Alexandria helped preserve and transmitting Hellenic culture to the wide Mediterranean world and was crucible of scholarship, and ecclesiastical politics in early Christian history. However, while the city’s primacy was lost and the capital moved to the interior, the city remained an important centre for trade and maritime commerce, naval operations and craft production. The city prospered and became a transit point in trade and conducted business between Red sea and Mediterranean basin,   


The most prevailing wind from the north, blowing across the Mediterranean give the city different climates from that of the desert hinterland. Mostly, summers are relatively moderate with humidity somewhere in July and August being the hottest month with average temperature reaching about 87 °F (31 °C).  Winters are usually cool and invariably characterised with series of violent storm capable of bringing torrential rains and hail. The mean daily temperature in January and is the coldest month with 64 °F (18 °C).


The majority of the city’s population is the Arabic-speaking Egyptians, Alexandria was once a home to a polyglot foreign community made up principally of immigrants from other Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Syria and France. Most Alexandrian, like most Egyptians, are Sunni Muslims; the city’s Christian minority consist mainly of member of the indigenous of Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Church. 


Alexandria’s economy survives by commercial and industrial activities, shipping and warehousing, banking, food processing and production of petrochemicals and cement. Alexandria’s economy contributes largely tot the national economy. It’s estimated that Alexandria accounts roughly about Two-fifths of Egypt’s industrial production.


The city is connected to other Egyptian cities by road, air services and railways and also via canal with the Nile. Inland transportation is inclusive of taxis and min buses while the main rail that connects to Cairo is been upgraded several times and Alexandria is too the terminus for the rail running to Al-Sallūm on the Libyan border. The Alexandria Cairo desert highway is one of the best roads which has easy transportation of agricultural routes through to delta region and has motivated development in the desert. Air transportation services mostly operates to Cairo. Slowly the international carriers are coming in introducing their services though there is huge limitation as the old airport has less capacity for expansion.  

However, more than half of Egypt’s foreign trade passes through the city’s main commercial harbors, Alexandria and nearby Al- Dukhaylah, the countries gas, oil and cotton are exported through these ports.

Health and Municipal Services

Alexandria is generally on par with other urban governorate of Egypt, providing pure drinking water to its communities and electricity. As compared to the old days, there has been a rise in program to upgrade municipal serves and this development has refurbished the image of the city in real time. Significant steps developments have taken place to the city’s infrastructure and waste management. However, some service have been privatized. The city receives medical services at number of both private and public clinics and hospital. 


Just as is the rule in Egypt, the state supervises education and divides the education system into preparatory, primary, secondary school and advanced education is done in University faculties and technical institutes. The language of instruction in school is mostly Arabic and English is widely used as important second language of instruction in most professional programs.

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