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Mostly Cloudy
05:5618:02 WAT
Feels like: 23°C
Wind: 14km/h SSW
Humidity: 84%
Pressure: 1012.19mbar
UV index: 0

Angola’s climate varies considerably from the coast to the central plateau and even between the north coast and the south coast. There are two seasons: a dry, cool season from June to late September, and a rainy, hot season from October to April or May. Good national weather links are:

Weather forecasting and weather radars are the most typical ways of staying updated. Weather is typically indicated with sunny, cloudiness, rains and showers, storms and more. Most online weather apps will list the local location, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, humidty and pressure. Some might even include a UV index and what the weather “feels like” (like the chill factor). Forecasts typically look at Highs and Lows during the 24 hour day, wind, precipitation and precipitation chance.

More about Luanda

Luanda Angola
Luanda, Angola

The city of Luanda is capital city of Angola sitting on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. The rebirth of the city is a true and inspiring success story. Emerging from decades of conflicts and war, from being a recent centre of decades conflicts to rise to the state where the city is today. However, starting the 21st century the city has experienced massive booms of in constructions and infrastructure where peace and stability have attracted foreign companies to invest in offices in Luanda.


Luanda is an industrial centre, manufactures including beverages, automotive products, and cement, plastic products, metalware, cigarettes and shoe/cloths. Petroleum was discovered nearby in 1955 and there is a refinery at the north of Luanda bay. Agriculture products produced in the area include coffee, cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds, and palm oil and kernels; food processing. 

The economy of the city survives by the deliberate call of the government in getting rich revenue from oil, diamond and other natural resources. Also, there is huge investing heavily in the city including large social housing Highrise to replace slums and existing dilapidated high-rises, there is heavy presence of real estate booming across the city, extensive repaving and construction of several six highways leading out of the city, reconstructions of railroad lines leading out of the city and a rage range of new airport currently being constructed.  


The inhabitants of the city are primarily members of the African ethic groups, mainly Ambundu, Ovimbundu, and Bakongo. The official and most widely used language is Portuguese, although several Bantu languages are also used. There is also the minority population of European origin especially Portuguese as well as Brazilians. 


As the economy and epicentre of Angola, Luanda is similarly the epicentre of Angolan culture. The city is the home of numerous cultural institutions such as Sindika Dokolo foundation. Also, the city hosts several festivals and annual international events to commemorate culture. 


Luanda’s climate is mostly influenced by the offshore of Benguela current. This current gives the city surprisingly low humidity despite its low latitude, which makes the warmer months considerably more bearable than similar city in western western/central Africa. 

The city receives average of 323mm (12.7in) of rain a year, mostly in March and April and no rain from June through October. However, this is quite variable depending on the strength of the current and the coefficient of variation is 40% (there can be a sixfold difference between rain received in the driest of years and wettest of years). The temperatures are fairly stable year-round, with the coldest months being July (24 max/19 min) and August and the warmest months being January (31 max/25 min) to April.


The city has a vast array of transportation services operating inland. Ranging from railways pointing from Luanda to Malanje, the city hosts the main and largest airport in the country, the port of Luanda serves the largest port of Angola and one of the busiest ports in Africa. Luanda public transportation services is provided by suburban services of Luanda railway, public companies and largely by privately owned collective taxis and minibuses called Candongueiro


Angola is known for its Basketball and football teams. These two sports are mostly played sports in the Luanda. Other than these two the following sporting activities also are present in the city, handball, judo, karate, indoor football, beach volley and many more new sports emerging such as kite surfing and skating.

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