Political map of africa

Have you ever wondered the political and national boundaries of Africa looks like in a map?

In this article, our esteemed local-africa.com editor has comprised a comprehensive overview.

Political nations of Africa – map

Click on the map below to zoom into the nations and political borders of Africa.

In the map above from wikipedia, South Sudan is depicted. They claim sovereignty, but are not recognized as a country internationally. Africa has 54 nations.

Republics and monarchies

Republics and monarchies

Electoral versus non-electoral democracies in Africa

In a proper democracy, laws are made by elected representatives (electorals). Regardless of whether the political system is presidential or parliamentary, the elected representatives exercise both legislative and executive powers (both judicial power as well as common law). Electorals are subject to controls established by the constitution, and must observe fundamental rights and public freedom.

Electoral versus non-electoral democracies in Africa:

Electorals versus non-electoral democracies in Africa. Source: Wiki

How many nations does africa have – 54 or 56?

See this article for more information in order to learn what the actual number of countries in Africa are.

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