Is there a flag for the African Continent?

Have you ever wondered if there is a flag for the whole African continent as such?

Here you will find an answer to that very interesting question.

Flag for the African continent

A number of different flags have been suggested, but no official flag exists. Different organisations and individual designers have come with suggestions, but there is no recognized official pan-african flag.

No official pan-african flag exists, but you will find many good suggestions.

Below you will find some of the different suggestions made for a pan-african flag. These suggestions are not officially recognized as an african flag, but can serve as inspiration.

Pan-african flag suggestions

Pan-African flag - Wikipedia
A pan-african flag of this design has been suggested and used by african-americans, black liberation organisations and more. It was created in 1920. Red is the color of the blood that unites, black is the people as a nation, and green symbolizes the natural wealth of the continent. It is the most recognized, however not official pan-african flag. Wiki

The colors proposed in the above flag are also seen in the flag of Kenya, Libya, Biafra and Malawi.

This design also depicts the continent, and uses 3 typical colors from many national flags.
Flag of the African Union.svg
Flag of the African Union. It is not an official pan-african flag, but an association emblem. See wiki
United africa flag. : vexillology
This design was suggested by reddit users to combine the pan-african colors in a different combination, but with 6 stars representing the 6 major language families, and lines representing equator.
Federation of African Nations Flag (New) by NRE86 on deviantART | Flag art,  African flag, Historical flags
Another design proposed for a federation of african nations, done by a designer on DeviantArt.
Proposed Flag of Africa
Another proposed design for a flag for africa, depecting the shape of the continent in the flag.
Flag of a United Africa : vexillology
Another proposal from Deviant Art users.
Africa flags | Africa flag, Africa map, Africa day
This design depicts the different flags of the many nations. It is not a unique, new flag suggestion, but a graphic. Source: Pinterest.
The look of all african flags.
Local Africa
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